Elevate your business to new heights through Principle Based Marketing. Just as climbers rely on unwavering principles, we infuse your marketing strategy with authenticity and purpose. Principles are steadfast, transcending ever-shifting tools and tactics. Anchor your marketing in enduring principles for a strategy as resilient as it is effective, guiding you through any business challenge to peak success


Revolutionize your brand with targeted marketing audits & strategies for unmatched efficiency designed to get you to the summit.


Elevate your team's performance with tailored guidance and training. Seize the opportunity for expert Fractional CMO services.


Unlock digital learning experiences and empower your team to scale new heights with our premier online courses and dedicated support.

About Us

M10 Marketing emerged to revolutionize how we view marketing and advertising. Founder Dustin Lyons noted the excessive chatter in the industry and the common, haphazard strategies small businesses employ, often to no avail. Unlike other agencies that prioritize their gains over client success and lure businesses with jargon and impressive-looking presentations, only to deliver generic and wasteful results, M10 Marketing commits to effective, tailored strategies for the wise spending of each client's marketing budget.

To thrive, companies must be efficient. M10 Marketing aims to boost businesses that agencies might overlook or those not experiencing significant marketing results. We concentrate on proven marketing and advertising principles to develop actionable plans for our clients. This means we avoid fleeting internet fads and instead provide sustainable, principle-based strategies for long-term success.

Mastering these timeless principles ensures that any techniques or tools you employ will yield the most effective results. Despite shifting algorithms, evolving social media, and new ad technologies, adhering to these unchanging principles is essential for optimal business growth.

Dustin Lyons launched M10 Marketing as a one-product firm that evolved into a comprehensive agency. M10 now helps clients streamline their marketing to save money and increase results. One client cut marketing costs by 20% while boosting website visits by 1800%, leads by 800%, and sales twofold in a year. Personal changes rekindled Dustin’s passion for climbing, leading to a Denali summit and brand sponsorships. He stepped back temporarily from M10 to work elsewhere before realizing his true calling was in crafting effective business strategies. With fresh enthusiasm, Dustin and M10 are eager to teach you successful marketing for growth. Join us to advance your business efficiently. We’re excited to partner with you soon.



Unleash your business potential with our all-encompassing audit! We delve into your brand essence, scrutinize your offerings, and dissect your marketing tactics. By diving deep into your company, we unveil strategies to skyrocket efficiency and elevate your business to unprecedented heights.


Embark on a transformative journey through the business landscape with us at your side. Our expertise illuminates the path for entrepreneurs and teams alike, guaranteeing peak outcomes and a crystal-clear blueprint for triumph. Explore our bespoke consultancy options or delve into the strategic advantage of fractional CMO services.


Elevate your business sky-high with our cutting-edge online marketing courses! Empower your team with the knowledge and skills derived from foundational principles—sure to launch your business success. Plus, our arsenal of tools and resources is your secret weapon throughout this thrilling journey.

Dustin/M10 marketing was a pleasure to work with, providing a thorough audit and easily achievable short term tasks in order to work towards a much greater end goal


Learning the principles behind successful marketing from Dustin at M10 Marketing has been positive for my business and how I approach providing services for my clients.



Salt Lake City, UT, USA